What Font is BeReal: Arial, Roboto, Georgia or Genera Grotesk?

Fonts are an important part of any website or app to design because they create visual hierarchy at the first sight and help with legibility and also add personality.

Picking up the right font, your site can be the first impression and can make a big difference in how your design is perceived.

What Font is BeReal

BeReal – a new way of sharing photos app in real way – recently became popular.

And the question arise in many of us mind or many people that what the font used for the apps logo is.

So for your help we did some digging into the app and found the logo font that the app uses.

What Font is BeReal?

After very deep analysis and our research and exploring of hundreds of font types, the font which is uses by the social app is BeReal’s logo is the “Genera Grotesk” font.

What Font is BeReal Genera Grotesk font

The characters, styles and the strokes of this font is matching with the apps logo but with some slight variations like spacing.

After replacing the character spacing you can see the exact match of the fort with this app and you will be able to replicate the BeReal logo in minutes.

For your kind knowledge, the body font which is uses by the app website is “Roboto.”

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