7 Best Possible Reasons for “No Bereal Today”

Whenever a new application is launched in the market, there may be some bugs and glitches in that application.

So for this we need to understand that all new applications may have such technical issues in the beginning and the team keeps working to remove it.

7 Best Possible Reasons for “No Bereal Today”

Now if we talk, in this situation there can be problems from both the company and the user.

Therefore, if you are facing any kind of problem in using this app, then do not worry at all, and along with some possible reasons given below, we have also given solutions to overcome it, which Thus the points given below:

1) You Changed Your Time Zone

This app send their notification over the time zone. So when you change the app’s time zone, you might miss the notification for the day and you have to wait for the next day for their notification.

If you have changed your time zone, then please follow the steps to reset

Go to your profile> Tap the more option> settings > Tap “Time zone” >choose your time zone

2) Software Bugs

Since BeReal application is new so that you may find some bugs or some technical issues. So if you are facing these issue then you can file a complaint by the help of the below steps:

settings>help>contact us> Tap report a problem

3) Newly Registered

If you are newly registered here on the app then there could be a possibility that the notification for that very day has already been sent out. So you have to wait for the next day for the notifications.

4) Notifications Turned Off

If you are not receiving the app’s notifications to then it might be possible that your notifications get turned off. So you need to enable the app’s notifications by changing the settings.

5) Server Down

Sometimes the server of the apps get down, so you have to search over their official Twitter handle of BeReal to know if the servers are down. When their app’s server get up then it will work fine.

6) Outdated Version

If you are still using the outdated version of this app, then its time to update the app to the current version. It can miss out the notifications and features is you using the outdated version.

7) Internet Connection

First of all you need to check if there be a any issues with your internet connection. So you should have to check if your internet connection is down, then try to restart your device or Wi-Fi to having a smooth running internet.

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