How To See Your OnlyFans Subscription History (2023) – A Complete Guide

In recent years, the name “OnlyFans” has become synonymous with an unprecedented change in the way creators around the world share their work and engage with their audiences.

The platform is a multi-pronged combination of activities, technology, entrepreneurship, and adult entertainment, empowering creators from diverse fields to monetize their content and build deeper relationships with their fans.

How To See Your OnlyFans Subscription History

People are also connecting with each other through this platform in the field of diverse content genres like fitness, cooking, art, music and others.

Let us tell you that if we talk about the origin of this app, then it is a subscription-based social media platform at its core, through which creators are allowed to share exclusive content with their customers in exchange for a monthly fee.

The app initially gained popularity only in the adult entertainment industry, but later the platform expanded to include diverse content genres such as fitness, cooking, art, music and more.

New avenues have been opened for the people through this versatile apps through which people can display their talent and generate income directly from their work.

And thus the app has positioned itself at the forefront of reshaping the way we engage with audiences, redefining traditional business models and harnessing the power of direct engagement.

In this way, you can see that OnlyFans has designed such a platform, through which avenues of learning have been opened for the creators as well as for the dance of the creators.

Can You See Past Subscriptions On OnlyFans?

Yes, You can see your expired subscriptions or past subscriptions into your OnlyFans account. 

This is the platform where multiple creators exists with their photos and videos sharing with their fans. And fans can only get access that content only when they have subscribed to their account.

Once the subscription has been done, thereafter you will have the right to watch the creators uploaded  photos and videos and even also chat with them.

When your subscription is about to getting expire or going to be expire, you will have the right to auto renewal feature of the subscriptions by opening its website and then logging into your account.

After logging into account, go to the Settings  tab button and click or navigate to Auto Renewal option and then the Toggle the switch Off.

Does Deleting Your OnlyFans Cancel All Subscriptions?

Yes, when you will delete account or cancel onlyfans subscription, it will be deleted your all content gets along with your subscriptions and you can never recover it.

Because the deleted account can deleted all your content along with its backups.

Whenever you will going to delete your account, it will take about 2 weeks to 30 days and the messages however no longer for a few more days in chats and then permanently disappear.

How To See Your OnlyFans Subscription History?

To see your past subscriptions for OnlyFans account,  you just have to follow these following easy steps and you will be able to see that you want:

  • Step 1: First Open Official website by clicking here :
  • Step 2: Logging into your account.
  • Step 3: Now click on the “Following On” button which is available under the section of “Account Page”.
  • Step 4: Now here you can have find to select “Expired” tab and click next.
  • Step 5: At the last you will able to see a list of expired subscriptions and easily you found that you want.
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