How Does BeReal Work in 2023 – A Complete Guide

How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal has its own phenomenon on which this app works. If you are a user of this app, then you must have come to know that the way this app works, it sends its notification to its users at random times.

Like the user gets a notification through this app to take an unedited photo in a day and only after getting that notification you are allowed to post your post.

You have to keep in mind that this app has only 2 minutes for its users to take a photo and before it is marked as “late” and its notification time also varies daily.

How Does BeReal Work

Between this timeline, you have to make and post a collage of photos.

To do this as a feature of the app and to show your followers what is happening at that moment, the app uses both the front and back cameras of the phone.

When you or your friends post with each other or update your post, then you can see the post and along with it you can also react with emoji or comments.

Is BeReal at the same time for everyone?

As I already told you that this app has made its own timezone. And every BeReal user in that timezone gets the notification at the same time.

In this way, if you and your friend are in the same timezone, then you can ask your friend what they are doing too.

And your friends will also get the notification at the same time and they will also be able to reply to you at the same time.

But if you want, you can also change your timezone so that you do not get notification at the same time as your friends.

But you must keep in mind that as soon as you change your region, your current BeReal post gets removed by changing your region.

Can We Predict The Time Of Getting The BeReal Notification?

If I tell the truth then there is no such tool by which you can predict the time of this app. As the name suggests Be + Real = BeReal.

This means that when the notification comes, you will have to post at a random time because its time limit is only 2 minutes.

Along with this, very few filter options have been given in this app so that your friends can share your real photos.

In this app, no one knows when the notification will come for you during the day, nor can anyone guess it.

You can have this notification any time of the day and it is really fun to send pictures of what you are doing at that time.

When does BeReal reset?

No surefire reset method of BeReal has been given as it is against the phenomenon of this app. As soon as the notification of this app is received by its user, its time is reset.

It means that no one knows when it will get its notification, but if you want, you can definitely apply your mind.

If you want, you can see BeReal Time History of previous months.

This specialty of this app keeps it apart from its competitor app.

As soon as this app resets your friend’s or your last (or yesterday’s) post, your or your friends’ saree post gets deleted. If you have not saved that post in your section, then you cannot see it again.

For this, you have to save your BeReal post in the Memories section so that you can see it in the future.

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