Step by Step Guide to Buy CRNO Crypto Token Coins in 2023

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Chronoly Token Price Prediction

Among all the tokens in cryptocurrency, the utility of Chronoly Token is emerging as a rising star. Since the launch of the this token market, its popularity in the crypto market has increased to a great extent due to the past sales of this token.

The price has seen a drop since its pre-sale started at the beginning of May this year and its decline has led to a 600% increase in purchases of the this token among the markets.

Let us tell you that the company is really known for its luxury watches. Its include many of the largest reputable watch makers such as those endorsed by Rolex or Omega, Tissot or Longines, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and others.

Now I want to tell you why this in the market is selling rigorously. So let me tell you that Chronoly’s investing mindset in these fashion assets is that instead of buying their physical watch, investors can also buy their shares in the form of NFTs.

Although it has not been launched yet, but according to experts, it is going to be launched very soon. And as soon as this token is launched, its very high price prediction is being feared by experts.

Let us now know what is Chronoly and also know what can be the token price prediction in the coming future.

What is Chronoly

Chronoly which is also known as CRNO in short, is a marketplace that is using the cryptocurrency and NFTs to make investing in watches more accessible and profitable, allowing any traders to invest their capital in well-known brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille and many more.

It allows you to own a portion of investment-grade collectible watches by investing. If you want, you can also become the owner of some part of this company by investing your capital in some part of this company.

Its market is selling NFT versions of these watches to investors. All the transactions that happen on the platform, a record of all those transactions is kept.

And let us tell you that the record of every watch sold on the platform is backed by a physical version which is kept in its “Safe Depository Vault”.

In the project’s whitepaper, it is stated by the founders of this company that they are presenting this token as the world’s first fractional watch investment platform.

All the investor has to do is buy a non-fungible token (NFT) or cryptocurrency, and then those investors can own these special watches.

Investors can also buy and sell fractional luxury watches here, just as you trade shares in the stock market.

Investors can even borrow their watches against NFTs as well as verify the authenticity of physical watches using their decentralized ledger on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

How does Chronoly (CRNO) work?

Any investor who wants to know how to use CRNO token, you will know about all these in detail in this article.

So investors, just like trading shares or cryptocurrencies you can use the platform to invest in shares, just like you would trading in the cryptocurrency market.

The platform also equips you with features similar to more traditional exchanges where you can set stop-loss and limit orders, as well as track historical and price data.

Since the mentioned token has not yet been officially launched, it is obvious that what is the Chronoly coin used for?

CRNO Crypto Token

One thing I want to make clear about this token is that then coin has created its own token for the users of its platform which is named as chronoly token.

Not only this, it has also asked to give more rewards on their tokens to sell their tokens even more.

The company has developed its platform in such a way that if you buy these tokens, then through this you can also bet it and from this you can earn passive income.

If you want to buy or bet on this then you can bet this any time between seven days and 12 months and you can earn income from it.

Let me tell you that the longer you keep the token at stake, the higher will be your profit. You also need to know that if you are an investor in this company, then you are also given additional discounts on the that platform.

Because its whitepaper states that if you are a member of the token you can benefit from the costs associated with its membership club as well as a 30% reduction in its every transaction and storage fee.

There is also a live lottery running every month on the platform with a minimum balance of $50,000 in its reward pool wallet.

If you get 1st place you can get a chance to win a watch from this and if you get 2nd and 3rd place, you will get USDT coins.

A step by step guide to buy CRNO Crypto Token Coins

If you want to buy chronoly token coins and you have your KYC documents then follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website of Chronoly. To go official website click here.
  2. Then after click on Buy Token tab.
  3. After clicking on Buy Token tab, you can see the option where there a lot of crypto currencies available. Now search and select the Chronoly Token .
  4. Now enter the amount of contribution  through which you will be able to buy this crypto token. For example, if you are putting the $5000/- then you will receive total 87121 Tokens and also get 15% bonus that is 11364 Tokens.
  5. After entering the amount and fulfill that you have to purchase, then click on “Pay with crypto”.
  6. Now you have to tick on the agreement terms and conditions.
  7. Now after ticking on the I hereby agree to the token purchase, click on “Make Payment”.
  8. Now after completing the payment, you will see that your order number has been placed successfully.
  9. Now after few seconds, you will see your purchased tokens in “My CRNO Token” tab.
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