Biocon Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050

Today we are going to talk about Biocon Share Price Target 2023 to 2050 with more detailed analysis. Mainly, how far the stock price of this company can go in the coming years.

The company (NSE: BIOCON) has spread its business in many different sectors like health care, pharma care.

This company has spread its business in the market like national and international market in such a way that the investors investing in the market are getting attracted towards it.

The company ‘Biocon’ is India’s largest bio-pharmaceutical company which is placed under mid cap company of health care sector.

Being in this sector, the share price of this company can look very attractive. If you too are thinking of investing in the stock of a similar farm company, then this can prove to be a golden opportunity for you.

Before investing in this stock, you should read this article thoroughly, and also take advice from any of your financial advisors.

Because in this article we are going to study the business model of Biocon Limited in great detail. And along with this we will also discuss its Price Target.

About Biocon Limited

This is a very old bio-pharmaceutical company which was founded in the year 1978 by Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. The company currently has two subsidiary companies:

  1. Biocon Biologics
  2. Syngen International

Some Important Terms Related To Biocon:

CEO Mr. Siddharth Mittal
Headquarter Bangalore, Karnataka
Total Market Capitalization Approx. ₹ 30,000 Cr.
Sector / Industry Pharma Sector
Official Website

Future of Biocon Share

If you take the history of any time and see, you will find that you can never get disappointed with the share price of any good farm company.

If you look at the stock price target of this company in the near future also, you will find that you will always get better quality returns from this company.

Because this type of company keeps on working hard to improve its products and always competes with the competitor company of its sector.

And because of this, a very good growth in business can be expected in the company in the coming time as well.

And keeping all this growth in mind, the company also keeps on expanding its product portfolio keeping in mind its growing growth in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

And along with this, the company can be seen investing a lot in increasing its products manufacturing capacity.

If you are also a long-term investor in this company, then you can definitely see its benefits in the near future.

Biocon Limited Business Model

To know the business model of the company, you have to consider two aspects of this company very carefully.

First you have to look at the strength of the company and then the weaknesses of the other company.

So come on friends, now let us understand both Strength and Weakness of this company one by one:

Strength of Biocon Limited Company

If we talk about the strengths of the company, then they are as follows:

  • This is a debt free company because there is no debt of any kind on this company.
  • They do business in cash only about 60% of its total business.
  • In this way the health interest ration of the company is around 350.25.
  • They have high liquidity to run its business.
  • They also have high promoters holding to invest in the company.
  • They have maintained very good operating leverage which is at an average of 3.09.

Weakness of Biocon Limited Company

If we talk about the weakness of the company, then they are as follows:

  • If you look at the profit and loss for the last 3 years, you will find that the company has shown a poor profit growth of about -44.09% in the last 3 years.
  • Revenue growth of the company in the last 3 years, you will find that they shown poor revenue growth of about -15.62% in the last 3 years.
  • Return on Equity for the last 3 years, you will find a poor ROE (Return on Equity) of about 3.61% in the last 3 years.
  • ROCE for the last 3 years, you will find a poor ROCE of about 4.67% in the last 3 years.

Biocon Share Price Target 2023

This is a midcap company which is working in the pharma sector for a very long time. This company is doing its business in the s sector by contributing to the pharma sector as well as manufacturing biotechnology products and research services.

If we estimate the share price of this sector by the end of the year 2023, then from the point of view of pharmaceutical companies, there can be a huge jump in its share price, Biocon Share Price Target 2023 can be between Rs. 280 to Rs.300 approximately.

Biocon Share Price Target 2024

The company works completely different from the pharmaceutical companies of its competition. And because of this, people have a lot of faith in this company regarding the working approach of this company.

Let us tell you that Biocon mostly manufactures medicines for rare diseases and the demand for such products remains forever in the market.

And because of this, the company’s share price can be between Rs. 315 to Rs.340 approximately in the year 2024.

Biocon Share Price Target 2025

Now you must be knowing that the company is continuously increasing its market share in its segment and has also maintained a track record of 40 years in its own market.

So friends, this company has mainly established its presence in semi-regulated economies in India.

If you look at the share price in 2025 then the price target can be between Rs 350 to Rs 395 approximately.

Biocon Share Price Target 2030

If we talk about the revenue of the company, then you will be surprised to know that the company earns about 41% revenue of its total capital.

Apart from this, 31% revenue is being earned from its research services and up to 28% from small generic products.

Overall, this company has kept good diversification in its revenue. To earn all this revenue, the company has completed 34 product filings for the API globally, including the US includes 28 filings for five more formulations.

The approximately stock price of this midcap company can be between Rs 420 to Rs 450.

Biocon Share Price Target 2040

Seeing the speed with which the company is setting up its manufacturing facility at one new location one after the other to increase the production capacity of its company, you cannot even guess how much profit the company will get from it in the coming days.

As soon as the company goes into profit, the share price of the company will jump equally. In this way, showing very good growth in the business till 2040, the first target of the company’s share price can be seen at Rs 465 and after that you can expect to see its second target at Rs 500.

Biocon Share Price Target 2050

This is slowly working hard to increase its dominance in the domestic market as well. Not only the domestic market, the company is focusing a lot on increasing its business presence in the domestic market as well as in the international market.

At present, if we look at the international business of the company, then the company has spread its presence in about 120 countries, and also exports about 17 percent of its total production.

There is every expectation of increasing the export volume of the company in the coming years and the stock price can be between Rs 520 to Rs 550 approximately.


We did the financial analysis of this farm company and also got to know about its company growth and market competitor in detail. We also got information about the business model of the company through this post.

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