7 New Strategies to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2023

If you are a blogger and searching the strategies to get high quality backlinks for your blog or website, then you are on the right post. In this article, you will learn the 7 news strategies related to this. Let’s get the right techniques from here: 

  1. Become a source for “Reporters and Bloggers”.
  2. Publish “Skyscraper” Content.
  3. Build links from “Outdated Resources”.
  4. Use “Content Formats” proven to generate links
  5. Publish “Ultimate Guides”/ “Guest Posts”.
  6. Use “Branded Strategies and Techniques”.
  7. Always “Authority Resource” Pages.

1. Become a Source for Bloggers

If you are a blogger then your wish will to rank your every post of your blog/website on the first page of Google.

If you have the unique content and you have the best strategies to build high quality backlinks, then by ranking on the first page, you will get maximum organic traffic and you will earn maximum money from your blog.

7 New Strategies to Get High Quality Backlinks

I am here suggesting to go to the news website, you will found the DA/PA of their website is very high. And this will support you to get your website high DA/PA.

Here we are going to tell about that website where you will access a free service called Help a Reporter Out (HARO). This website is as similar as Tinder website for public relations.

You have to register yourself on HARO website and put your website link in your introduction and then you will get your first high quality backlinks.

2. Publish “Skyscraper” Content

Most of bloggers use “skyscraper” content to build high quality backlinks for their website. The high authority websites like Entrepreneur.com, Hubspot, GoDaddy blog etc.

If you wish to build for your website then you should promote your “Skyscraper” content on these website or on social media website, you will also get high quality backlinks from this.

3. Build Links From Outdated Resources

If you want to get high quality backlinks online from automatically, then you have to write the popular and valuable content resource page through on-page-seo of your page.

For this technique, first of all you will see the similar popular website name and now company the popular website to your website name.

This is the step, now if you have the job cracking that your website will rank on the first page and now you can see its ranking.

4. Use Content To Generate Links

If you want that the high traffic to come to your website, then you have to do the only one thing that is your quality content.

If you write your content on any high authority website hat is guest posts method and attach link to your content then, after publishing that content, you will get the high quality backlinks from that popular high authority website.

5. Publish Ultimate Guides

You already know that if you have already updated your post on Google’s first page, then this will be better opportunity for get high quality backlinks from the other topmost website.

Because they will give you backalinks automatically.

And also you will get high traffic from google due to on their top page ranking your website.

But this is not easy method, but if you choose a popular topic and must readable topics/ unic content, then it might be possible.

6. Use Branded Strategies and Techniques

If you named your website in such a way, which is unique and people can remember easily (like : Method, Technique, Approach, System, Blueprint etc.), then with this, your website will remain in the minds of people like a brand and you will get backlinks in peoples mind.

7. Always Authority Resource Pages

You should always try to name your website pages of using these words like: “helpful resources”, “useful resources”, “further reading”, “additional resources” etc.

When people searching like this as keyword such as “useful resources” link building and you have a huge list of link building resources within a seconds.

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