5 Best free Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

In today’s time everyone wants to earn money. Some choose the right way and some want to earn money in the wrong way.

Because everyone knows that without money they cannot survive in this world. If someone is a beginner, then he thinks of earning money online or offline for beginners in his own way.

And if someone is equipped with any skills, then with the help of his skills, he works hard to fulfill his family or his needs.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss about such 5 Best free Ways to Make Money Online without investments, with the help of which you can earn money.

If you are thinking to start online and feel that from where to start, how to start? Then don’t worry for that, we have covered all the information regarding earning money online in this post. Let’s start earning methods: 

1. Make money Online free from your blog (Blogging Method)

Today’s era is digital era and the coming era will also be online digital era. And in this way, in this digital age, if you are not going online, then you are not updating yourself according to the times.

Because in today’s era, many methods will be found to earn money online. And among all this, the cheapest and most earning method is blogging.

Best free Ways to Make Money Online with Blogging

For this you just have to choose a niche in which you are interested in writing. The niche should be such that you can write very well.

When you create a blog or website, then you have to monetize it. And as the traffic comes to your blog, the more earning becomes for you.

The better content you write, the more SEO you will get, the more traffic you will get.

2. Make money from YouTube

The way you do blogging, in the same way you can create your own channel on YouTube as well.

In blogging, you write content, but if you become a YouTuber, then you make and update the video on it.

Best free Ways to Make Money Online with YouTube

Your warning starts as soon as your channel becomes eligible for monetization. Just for this also you have to choose a Niche and on the same niche you have to upload the video.

Now the more traffic comes to your channel, the more your earning will be.

3. Make money with Affiliate marketing

Just like you learned about how to earn money through blogging and YouTube, in the same way you can also add affiliate marketing to your blog or YouTube channels.

And the earning that is generated from this is commission based earning.

All you have to do is go to any e-commerce website like Uber, Amazon or fabfitfun and create the ID of its affiliate program.

And that affiliate link has to be updated in the post of your blog or website. As soon as someone buys a product through that link, you get its commission.

In this way, the more traffic comes to your blog, the more people will buy products through your link, the more your earning goes on increasing.

4. Make Money with Dropshipping

To start the dropshipping method, first of all you need a blog or website. And when you have a website, you can convert that website into your own store as well.

Now you are understanding that I am telling you about opening your own online store.

Now it must be running in your mind that you have opened the store but from where to get the products at the store. So friends, this is called dropshipping method.

In this method you can sell products online and that too without buying the products. Means you don’t even have the product and you are selling the product online, isn’t it very interesting!

Now you have to go to the Shopify website and put the link of the product there on your website. And as soon as someone buys that product from your website, then you do not need to ship that product and its commissions are also sent to your account.

5. Publish an ebook

Now you must have understood your blogging, Youtubeing, affiliate marketing and dropshipping very well.

Now in this era of earning money, we are going to introduce you to another new way – e-book publishing.

For this, you just have to write the eBook well and format it well. Now a good cover is ready which can give a good look to your e-book. Because in this crowded life of the market, what is seen is sold.

Now that you have prepared everything, now you have to promote this e-book by publishing it. Earning started now.

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