File Car Insurance Claim: 6 Easy Steps to Claim Car Insurance in 2023

Many questions creates in your mind about to filing a car insurance claim, process etc because there is still a lack of information among people regarding this.

So let’s go friends, in this article I will also tell you about the process in detail.

When to file a Car Insurance Claim?

Let us assume that a person has a car and that person has a car accident due to some reason. And there has been car damage too or you have stolen your car and you think about the stolen car insurance claim investigation process.

When the car is damaged then that person must have also suffered Huge Loss. Now the entire loss will have to be covered by that person himself.

Now on the other hand, assume that the car was already insured before another person’s car accident.

So in this situation the company will cover that entire huge loss and will pay all the amount to recover that person’s car. And that person will not have to face huge loss.

Whenever a person takes insurance, compensation is provided by the company to the policyholder as per the guaranteed coverage under the agreement. 

Types of Car Insurance Claims

There are mainly two types of Car Insurance Claims: Cashless and Reimbursement.

  • Cashless Claims: If we talk about the case of car insurance, then whenever a policyholder has a car accident and he gets his car repaired in the partner garage of the direct company, the company settles the claim in a cashless manner and that partner Direct fund transfers to the garage account. 
  • Reimbursement Claims: But on the other hand, if the policyholder gets his car repaired in another garage which is not a part of the partner garage of the company, then the company pays the repair cost to that policyholder later. At that time the policyholder has to bear the expenses himself.

Some Easy Steps For Making Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

  • Step 1: Call and Inform The Insurance Company using Toll-Free Number, via website, via email or via mobile app.
  • Step 2: Need to Lodge An FIR In The Nearest Police Station
  • Step 3: Need to Capture Photographs as Valid Proof
  • Step 4: Submit All The Documents To The Insurance Company
  • Step 5: Ask The Company To Send their agent/ supervisor
  • Step 6: Car Repairs

Documents Required to Claim Car Insurance

If you are going to submit a claim then you need to submit some documents to accept the claim valid. Which are the following documents:

  • Claim form duly signed by the policyholder
  • Original Copy of the insurance policy
  • Driver’s license Copy
  • Copy of Pan Card and Aadhar Card for I’d and Address proof respectively
  • Registration Certificate copy of the car
  • First Information Report (FIR) filed copy (Mandatory in case of fatal accidents & car theft)


So my dear friends, today you must have come to know very well about the car insurance claim. If you have found this article helpful, then share it with your family and friends so that they also know about this.

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