Promoters back-to-back buying Ashish Kacholia and Mrs. Agarwal held these Multibagger Stocks in 2023

If you are also interested in the stock market then you are at the right place. Every person investing in the stock market is doubling his confidence in the future prospects of his invested stocks, in which small-cap shares are showing their full strength. The reason is that you get these small cap shares at low prices and after rising by just a few rupees, these shares emerge as shining stars in their high-stakes world.

Promoters back-to-back buying these Multibagger Stocks

In recent years, these small cap stocks have emerged as shining stars that have dazzled their investors with their tremendous growth. If you look at the names of these small cap shares, they are – Venus Pipes and Tubes. You must be aware that this stock has not only given tremendous multibagger returns in the last year, but has also attracted the attention of small-cap investors through its comeback.

Venus Pipes and Tubes Ltd

If you look at Ashish Kacholia’s stake in these shares, you will find that he has 1.97 percent stake in this stock company. Along with this, the dynamic duo of Mukul Aggarwal and Madhulika Aggarwal together hold 2.46 percent stake in this small cap stock.

This stock has attracted the attention of its investors regarding its returns in a few weeks. And along with this, the promoters of the company have also reduced their stake, which has sent a great message to the market.

When you look deeper into the financial performance of Venus Pipes and Tubes the reason behind the promoters’ buying activity in this company will become clear. A few months ago, in June 2023, this stock recorded the highest ever net profit in its quarterly profit which was Rs 17 crore and this profit has increased by 58 percent year-on-year to Rs 180 crore.

And all this proved that you can invest in this company (Venus Pipes and Tubes). By now you must be aware that Venus Pipes & Tubes is making waves in the world of small-cap stocks, and its promoters investing in this stock are doubling down on its future prospects.

This stock has been hindering itself with its growth and diversification which is leading it in the race of multibagger stocks. This stock is definitely a stock to watch and invest in for those who want to ride the multibagger wave and see their future in the stock market to see how this captivating story unfolds.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for informational purposes only, please consult your financial advisors for investment advice.

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