Rs 1,500 crore order book: This multibagger company receives order worth Rs 227.65 crore from the Ministry of Defence!

Just a few days ago, a big news has come out regarding Zen Technologies Limited Company which has come from the Ministry of Defense of the Government of India.

Ministry of Defence, Government of India has awarded an order worth Rs 227.65 crore (including GST) to Zen Technologies Limited, a leading provider of military training and anti-drone solutions. And as soon as this deal has been done, the stock price of the company has skyrocketed.

Let us tell you that the company had received orders worth a total amount of Rs 542 crore in June last month also.

Not only this, Zen Technologies Limited Company has received another new order worth Rs 961 crore in its quarter. And thus the total order book of the company has increased to Rs 1,503 crore (except tax).

In this way, it seems as if the share price of this company is going to die without even touching one trick.

If you look at the Zen Technologies Limited stock price, you will find that the stock has given a multibagger return of 140% in just 6 months, while the BSE Small-Cap Index is up only 40%.

If we look at the profit of the company, compared to Q1 of last year, in the current Q1, the net sales increased by 300% to Rs 132 crore and the net profit reached 487.5%.

And if we consider the market cap of the company, then the market cap of this company has exceeded Rs 6,000 crore.

The price of this stock has increased by 290% in just 2 years. If we look at the stock price of the company in 3 years, it has given a profit of 850% in 3 years and up to 10,500% in 1 decade to its investors.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for informational purposes only, please consult your financial advisors for investment advice.

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