What Is Snapchat Premium & Snapchat Premium Features (2023) – A Complete Guide

Snapchat is also a social networking website app like whatsapp business and telegram or facebook.

Any company expands its revenue from time to time, in the same way this app also converted its app into Snapchat Premium Features app to expand its revenue and launched its premium app in the market, through this the company’s revenue Started growing a lot.

As soon as you subscribe to snapchat premium, the app equips you with a variety of experimental and pre-release features. And you are only charged $3.99 USD per month for this subscription.

If you look at the premium features of this app, then this app provides you many types of premium features such as exclusive features, experimental features and pre-release features that you can use.

What Is Snapchat Premium/ Snapchat Plus?

The app has started its premium subscription service called Snapchat Plus, due to which both you and your friends and your best friends will get to see a lot of chatting options.

Many features of chatting will be available in this premium features which are as follows:

Snapchat Premium Features
Snapchat Premium Features

Earlier you didn’t get any custom icon while chatting with your best friend but as soon as you take its premium subscription then you get option to pin you, custom icon option while chatting with your best friend Is.

Not only this, you are also provided with premium features like a unique badge.

Snapchat Plus Price and Avaibility

If you buy Snapchat plus subscription then you get charged $3.99 per month for this. However, if you live in India, then you can get the premium features of this app at very cheap prices.

Its premium feature charges in India at Rs 49 per month. Currently this app is available in a total of 25 countries and we can expect that this company will expand the Snapchat Plus app to more regions in the coming future.

Check out the list of Snapchat Plus Available Countries below where you can currently enjoy Snapchat plus:

  1. The United States
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  10. India
  11. Kuwait
  12. Qatar
  13. Oman
  14. Bahrain
  15. Egypt
  16. Israel
  17. Sweden
  18. Denmark
  19. Norway
  20. Netherlands
  21. Switzerland
  22. Ireland
  23. Belgium
  24. Finland
  25. Austria

Snapchat Premium Features: Top Exclusive Features

There are many features of this app, lists are as following:

  1. You can pin your friend or best friend as #1 BFF
  2. You may get access to exclusive Snapchat icons in a few minutes
  3. A app badge will display in your profile tab in the right upper corner when you logged in with the premium features.
  4. You can see your orbit where your friend and best friend lists.
  5. You can see your friend’s whereabouts activity in the last 24 hours
  6. You can also see the list of how many friends have rewatched your story
  7. You can see Story Rewatch Indicator 👀
  8. You can have Custom App Theme Editor 🎨
  9. You can have Snapchat+ Badge ✪
  10. You wil have your personal Friend Solar System 🪐
  11. You can see the Post View Emojis ✌️

How to sign up/ Subscribe for Snapchat Plus

As I already told you that Snapchat Plus is also available in only a few selected certain countries.

And if you want to create your profile by signing up in Snapchat Plus app, then follow the steps given below carefully:

  • Open Snapchat and go to your profile page right side top corner.
  • By tapping your profile icon, you will find a gold-tinted banner. Click on that and select the term of your subscription.
  • Now here you have to select 7-day free trial to test run the service.
  • Here you can on or off setting of feature. Choose the features which ones you want and turn the others off.
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