Multibagger penny stock under Rs 2: Reports a 500% jump in net profit!, Board likely to announce stock split!

If you have been keeping an eye on Avance Technologies stock for the past few days, you will find that this stock is continuously hitting the upper circuit.

Last day also, this stock closed 2 percent higher circuit from its previous closing level, which in itself can be a big thing for this penny stock.

Let us tell you that the 52-week high level of this stock is Rs 2.66 and its 52-week low is Rs 0.18.

Let us take some information about Avance Technologies Limited stock.

Avance Technologies Limited (BSE SCRIPT Code: 512149) is a software company that designs as well as develops software solutions.

This company also works in the field of mobile marketing in which it provides customer management, call conferencing and web integration solutions.

Right now if you look at the market cap of Avance Technologies Limited, then the market cap of this company is Rs 53.51 crore.

Let us tell you that this company holds the meeting of the Board of Directors in the registered office of the company to settle its business matters, the main objective of which is:

  • The first objective of the company was to increase its authorized share capital.
  • To consider division or sub-division of the equity shares of the company.
  • Approving related party transactions for your businesses.
  • To determine limits on investments, loans, guarantees and security.
  • To increase the borrowing limit as well as to create the right to levy charges on movable and immovable properties of the company.
  • Making changes in the Memorandum of Association of the company to comply with any regulations.
  • To approve the postal ballot notice of the company.

If you look at the quarter results of the company, you will find that compared to the previous financial results of the company, this time the net sales have increased by 340% to Rs 2.56 crore.

Not only this, if we talk about the net profit of this company, then in this quarter the net profit of the company increased by 500% to Rs 0.18 crore.

If we look at the sales, the sales rate increased by 165% to Rs 30.53 crore and the net profit increased by 166% to Rs 0.41 crore.

This company has given a return of 440 percent to its investors in just 6 months. If we look at the returns of this company for the entire 1 year, then this company has given multibagger returns to its investors of 515 percent in 1 year and more than 1,250 percent in 5 years.

That is why I would like to advise you to keep an eye on this micro-cap multibagger stock.

Disclaimer: This article has been written for informational purposes only, please consult your financial advisors for investment advice.

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