Top 10 Low Stress High Paying Jobs Without a Degree in 2023

If you were waiting for a long time that how to get low stress high paying jobs without a degree and without any stress.

So in today’s article, I will know about the top 10 highest paid jobs. So read this post carefully and share it with your relatives and friends.

What is happening in the world today, all this is not hidden from us or from you at all. In today’s world, it has become so tense among the people that whoever we see today, they are either very busy or unemployed. If you look at the world, the world is a stressful place.

Life has become such a rush in the world that people are concerned only with their work. People are running from here to there in an effort to complete their work, so that they can complete their work assignments.

If you get a highest paid jobs in this fast paced life without a degree and without any stress, then it will be icing on the cake for you.

Now this kind of life has happened, when you feel that now everything is happening under your control, but then in a few days everything goes away from your control and the pressure becomes on you again.

Looking at this situation, it seems that it has become a never ending cycle. So in this time you start feeling that you should do this which does not have any stress.

It should be a high paying jobs without any stress and in which you can do the job comfortably without worrying.

These are such that by doing them you become stress free and at the same time you also get respect and prestige in the society.

List of Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree in 2023

For the students or working employees wondering which job has the highest salary without a degree, check out the below list.

  1. Content Writer
  2. Massage Therapist
  3. Library Technician
  4. Dental Assistant/ Medical Assistant
  5. Data Analyst
  6. Video Editor
  7. Virtual Assistant
  8. Pet Jobs
  9. Blogging
  10. Online Tutor

How Come Low Stress High Paying Jobs Without A Degree Exist?

By the way, if seen, to do the best high paying jobs, you either have to study very well, or there will be a very trained reason. But this is not a guarantee that you will get this.

And if you do not have a degree then it is very difficult to get these without a degree, even it is impossible.

But whatever I have told earlier in this post. You can do that this without any stress and without any degree.

And it doesn’t require much training either. It means that the path of a lot of passion is open for you, all that is left is your hard work, which no one else can do for you.

Top 10 Low Stress Highest Paid Jobs in detail

High Paying Jobs Annual Salary in 2023
Name of Content Min Salary Avg Salary Highest Salary
Content Writer Salary $50,000 $75,000 $100,000
Massage Therapist Salary $45,000 $55,000 $105,000
Library Technician Salary $25,000 $31,230 $48,222
Medical Assistant Salary $31,200 $35,100 $46,800
Data Analyst Salary $52,050 $78,063 $117,000
Video Editor Salary $39,000 $50,000 $78,000
Virtual Assistant Salary $29,250 $37,050 $55,000
Pet Sitter Salary $28,278 $34,125 $58,500
Blogger Salary $36,075 $50,000 $120,000
Online Tutor Salary $31,200 $37,679 $54,600

Let us discuss the top 10 highest paying jobs one by one.

1. Content Writer Jobs

If you are fond of writing and you feel that you can write something new every day, if you have an insatiable hunger to do something new, then today I can tell you that you should try your hand at content writing.

If you are really fond of writing, then a career as a content writer can be your lucrative career.

And let me tell you that it will be better and you will not really feel any tension in it. And I also want to tell you that there is a lot of money in the career of content writer because content writing is one of the most demanding in this sector.

There is no need for any degree in this, You can do this even without a degree, you just need to have knowledge of the language.

Content Writer Salary: Content writer is one of the highest paying jobs with the national average salary for a content writer being $50,000 to $75,000 per anum. Experienced content writer can earn as high as $100,000 per year.

2. Massage Therapist Jobs

Have you thins that how much do massage therapist make. Sometimes you have also searched and types in the google that is massage therapist near me.

Who doesn’t like comfort in today’s fast paced world and if you get it, in which you are comfortable and earning a lot of money, then wouldn’t you like to do this.

In this you do not even need any kind of degree. Moreover, what massage therapist can do with their own hands to relieve people’s tension and restlessness in their stressful lives is no less than a miracle.

What’s more, massage not only helps you reduce your stress but also has the dual effect of relaxing the body and mind of the recipient. Even nowadays doctors also recommend getting massages.

You will be surprised to know that the profession of a massage therapist is also mostly stress-free. The point is that massage therapist only need to apply pressure to their client’s tissues and muscles in order for them to feel better.

Massage Therapist Salary: The average massage therapist Salary is $55,000. Massage therapist  with less than one year of experience earn about $45,000 per annum.

Mid-level professionals can earn $55,000 annually, while experienced massage therapist professionals can earn as high as $105,000 per anum.

3. Library Technician Jobs

You already know how much demand there is for library technician these days. Do you know about library technician salary.

If you study at home, then sometimes there is disturbance in your studies from your parents or your siblings or anyone else in the house.

Or you study well at home, but getting that peaceful study environment is hardly possible in your home. That’s why we find a quiet environment to study. And there can be no more peaceful environment for studies than a library.

Moreover, some extra books are also available to you in the library, so that you can read those books too.

If you talk, then public libraries, universities, schools, corporations, governments, hospitals and other institutions with libraries also need library technician.

And you would know how important the library technician is in these institutions. But this is also a very relaxing and in this you do not even need any degree.

Assistant librarians in a library perform work under the supervision of a librarian that includes stocking shelves, shelving volumes, and processing returns.

Library Technician Salary: The average salary of Library Technician is $31,230 per annum. Experienced professionals can earn up to $49,222 per annum.

4. Dental Assistant / Medical Assistant

You must have some questions in your mind is that how much do dental assistants make and what do dental assistants do.

Similarly You must have some questions in your mind is that how much do medical assistant make and what do medical assistant do.

You must be aware that in the field of dental assistant/ medical assistant, you have to work as an assistant to dentists or any doctors in hospitals, clinics and private clinics.

In this basically you have to schedule appointments of patients and take care of their records, all these things have to be done. You can also do as part time as Medical Assistant. 

you have some questions related to medical assistant is that can medical assistant give injections.

But apart from this, you may also have to do some work like taking dental X-rays of the teeth of the patients (in case of dental assistants) or assisting the dentist during the treatment of the patient and then doing administrative tasks apart from doing routine dental operations etc.

You can also do this as dental assistant without any degree as the best low stress highest paid.

Dental / Medical Assistant Salary: Beginners in Medical Assistant can earn an average salary of $31,200 per anum, while mid-level developers with 1-3 years of experience can earn as high as $35,100 per anum, and senior-level experts (4-7 years’ experience) earn  $46,800 per annum. 

5. Data Analyst Jobs

There is not much money in this data analyst, but I can tell you that this is one of the least stressful jobs. In this you basically do manual entry of data in a business as a data entry operator.

There is always a need for new employees in this sector. The reason for this is that every company has to enter its data in its database. And someone is needed to enter the data of your company in the database.

It is very important for you to be proficient in computer and along with this the typing speed of your typing should also be fast.

By the way, if seen then it is open for those people who have completed their high school education.

Data Analyst Salary: Data Analyst is one of the highest paying jobs with the national average salary for a Data Analyst being $78,063 per annum. Experienced data analysts can earn as high as $117,000 per annum.

6. Video Editor Jobs

Nowadays whoever you see, he is making videos and is continuously moving forward to make himself famous through YouTube or any social media.

It is not that the people who are going to make the video, or the people who are making the video, should do the editing of that video as well.

They are hiring video editors with them and in this way if you want, you can also do remote video editor or YouTube video editor jobs, that too as a freelance.

In today’s social media war, there is a lot of demand for video editors. Good manufacturing companies also leave vacancies for video editors for the review of their products. Even in the field of film production, video editors are also in great demand.

Video Editor Salary: The average salary of a video editor is $50,000 annually. Beginners can earn about $39,000 LPA, while experienced workers can earn around $78,000 LPA.

7. Virtual Assistant Jobs

You already know that in today’s virtual world, the demand for virtual assistant has increased and it is also becoming very popular.

The reason is that nowadays people are looking for less demanding careers. Even you can do this from home and that too without any experience.

If you do not even know how to become a virtual assistant, then you can know everything about virtual assistant through this post.

So friends, now I will tell you what has to be done in this and you may have to do appointment setting, record keeping, answering phones, writing emails and delivering documents, and handling business related queries etc.

All you need is a reliable internet and Wi-Fi connection to do this. You are provided with a chat system, such as you will be well familiar with software like Skype for online chatting.

To become Virtual assistant without any degree can prove to be the best low stress high paying jobs for you.

Virtual Assistant Salary: The average salary of a virtual assistant is around $37,050 LPA. Entry-level video editors  earn $29,250 LPA while experienced candidates can earn around $55,000 LPA.

8. Pet jobs

If you search in google by writing that pet jobs near me, then many options come in front of you.

This shows how much demand is available these days. If you look around, you will find many animal lovers. Perhaps you too will be one of those animal lovers.

If you look at the career in this, you will find that it also come in the category of best low stress high paying jobs.

And there are a variety of careers available to people who love animals and enjoy spending time with them.

Pet Sitter Salary: Average Salary of a Pet sitter is around $34,125LPA. 

Pay Scale for Beginners Pet sitter : around $28,275 LPA. 

Mid-level and Experienced Pet sitter – up to $58,500 LPA and more .

9. Blogging

To be honest, I really like blogging and why not because blogging is also one of the best low stress highest paid jobs for you, which you should also do.

While doing this, you not only earn money, but also do more good work by sharing your knowledge with people.

By the way, in the beginning you should do blogging only part time. But later when you start earning a good amount from this, then you can also do this full time.

Well, it depends on you whether you want to make blogging full time or part time. Even if you study, you can do blogging partially.

All you have to pay attention to is that do not let blogging dominate your studies. For this you reschedule your time.

Blogger Salary: Blogger salary starts from $36,075 LPA and can go up to $120,000 LPA or more depending on experience and expertise and also on his/her blog traffic.

The average salary of blogger is $50,000, which makes blogger one of the best online jobs in the world.

10. Online Tutoring Jobs

If you feel that you have the skills to teach, then online tutor are the perfect option for you. It is in demand all over the world and people are doing this very stress free.

If you know about the salary of online tutor, then you will be very surprised that there is a lot of money in this.

Nowadays there is a huge demand for this all over the world. You have to see in yourself that in which subject you have mastered. Just what, you get engaged in online tutor.

For example, suppose that you have a very good understanding of Mathematics and you can teach Mathematics subject very well. So what else, get started and become an online tutor.

Online Tutor Salary: The average salary of a Online tutor is $37,679 LPA.

Entry-level salary – $31,200 LPA

Middle-level – $37,679 LPA

Senior Level – $54,600 LPA


These are all the top 10 low stress highest paying jobs – which will help you grow financially and at the same time the demand for this is very high.

All the above mentioned jobs have good paying in every sector. We hope you must have liked the list. You just need to be clear about your goal and know which path you have to take and all you have to do is make the best use of that opportunity to find the most in-demand jobs.

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