L&T Finance Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040 & 2050

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd (LTFH Ltd.) is publicly listed on both the exchanges in India namely NSE (NSE: L&TFH) and BSE (BOM: 533519).

This is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC Company). This company works to provide all types of finance along with its core products mutual funds and finance as well as housing loan, agriculture loan, bike finance and real estate finance.

The parent company of this company is Larsen & Toubro Ltd company, which is one of the companies providing engineering, electrical and electronics manufacturing and services as well as IT and financial services.

The core business of this company is people and companies to give loan on finance.

L&T Finance Holdings Limited company was incorporated in the year 2008, on 1st May, under the Companies Act as a Non-Banking (as a Public Limited Company) under Section 45-IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

This company got the license to start its business on 15th May, 2008.

Now let’s talk about LnT Finance’s Non-Debt Business Mutual Fund. So let us tell you that this company also holds its position in the field of mutual funds.

And it is noted that the shares of this company are not good but giving very good response in the market.

L&T Finance Share Price Target will be ₹105 to ₹112 in 2023, ₹114 to ₹120 in 2024, ₹121 to ₹127 in 2025, ₹176 to ₹189 in 2030, ₹208 to ₹219 in 2040 and ₹236 to ₹248 in 2050.

In view of all this, four major rating agencies have also provided their respective ratings to its Financial Services, whose names are as follows:

Now we come to the branches and employees of this company. Let us tell you that there are branches of this company in 21 states of India, and in 21 states, this company has more than 1600 branches.

And the total number of employees in all these branches can be more than 22000. You will be very surprised to hear that the total number of customers in this company is more than 1.3 crores, whom this company serves its customers every day.

Ever since the race of digitization has come, till today this company is leading rural women in the field of skill and knowledge development.

With this, they are getting digital financial training with confidence in their communities and they are also able to use an ecosystem of digital financial transactions well.

As far as this service has not reached, even there this company is doing its business through its employees.

L&T Core Segments | Services provided by L&T Company: 

The main products of this company are as follows: 

  • Two-Wheeler Finance
  • Housing Finance
  • Infra Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Farm Equipment Finance
  • SME Finance
  • Consumer Loans
  • Micro Loans
  • Mutual Fund

L&T Finance Market Competitors Company

If you talk about the market competitors of this company, then its competitors are as follows:

  • Shriram Finance Limited
  • Bajaj Finance Limited
  • Bajaj Holdings
  • Cholamandalam Investments

L&T Finance Business Model

If you look at the businesses of this company, you will find that this company also provides finance facility for the villagers to buy equipment in rural areas.

Along with two wheeler finance, micro loans and consumer loans, it also provides home loans, property loans to the people.

If you look at the category of two wheeler financiers, then this company comes first among its competitors.

And if you say about the company that gives micro loans, then it comes on the third number in giving micro loans in India.

L&T Finance Portfolio Diversifying

The finance company has diversified its portfolio in such a way that this company can always make profit from every sector.

Anyway, the company with loan and finance sector remains almost in profit, provided they do not have NPA, and the recovery rate of the loan is correct.

If you want to know about the diversified portfolio of this company, then they are as follows:

  • Retail Segment Microloans : 13%
  • Farm Equipment: 12%
  • Two-Wheeler: 8%
  • Home Loan: 12%
  • Wholesale Segment: 55%

In this way the company has diversified its portfolio very well. And its 200 branches and 1400 service centers help in handling such a portfolio well.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2023

You must have come to know that this finance holding company is a subsidiary company of Larsen & Toubro Group.

If you also feel that you also have to invest in some or the other stock, then you keep investing in this stock.

Investing in this stock can prove beneficial for you in the future. Because even according to the valuation, if we look at the September 2022 quarter results of this company, then these results showed a very good profit growth for the company.

If you talk about L&T share price 2023, then this year there can be a huge increase in the share price of this company, which can go up to about ₹ 105 to ₹ 112 per share.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2024

Now if you look at the fundamental growth of this company, then still the fundamental growth of this company may appear somewhat weak.

But not only you, but the management of this company is also engaged with a lot of noise in removing this weakness.

Very soon you can get to see high in the share price of this company. If you look at LnT stock price 2024, then this year its price is likely to be between ₹ 114 to ₹ 120.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2025

The management of the company will soon have to focus on improving all its weak parameters. And along with this its own portfolio also needs to be diversified in a very good way.

If you look at its price forecast for the year 2025, you will find that the stock price can reach around ₹121 to ₹127 in 2025.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2030

If you look at the management skills of the company, you will find that the company has kept every experienced employee to complete every small or big project.

Those who are engaged in completing every projects under their time period. Looks full of management.

Because of this, L&T Finance Company stands out from its other infra competitor companies. In this way, you can guess that in the coming future, in 2030, there can be a possibility of this finance company share price going from about ₹ 176 to ₹ 189.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2040

The company is diversifying its portfolio from all sides and generating its revenue. Be it lending business or housing finance, infrastructure finance etc., wherever revenue is being generated.

If you look at the share price 2040, then you will find that its price in 2040 can be around ₹ 208 to ₹ 219.

L&T Finance Share Price Target 2050

The company’s business is spread over 31 countries worldwide and it has about 200 branches in India alone.

That’s why you can see the scope of this company is very big to a great extent. About 70% of the revenue of this company is dependent on India only and its businesses are spread in other big countries as well.

A huge jump can be seen in the share price of this company in the coming future. That’s why the share price of the company can be around ₹ 236 to ₹ 248 in 2050.


Talking about the future growth of Larsen And Toubro (L&T) Share, in a developing country like India, the stock of this company can see a lot of promising opportunities to move forward.

If we look at the future, then infrastructure is one of its main products, and there are huge opportunities for infrastructure-related works in our country.

As the economy of our country improves, the demand for this financial company will increase. So this company can be kept on the radar in your demat account.

So friends, today we have discussed L&T Finance Share Price Target 2023 to 2050. Hope! you guys liked this post after reading full analysis informational post. Kindly share this with your loved ones colleagues. Thank you!

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