Globalization Partners services and features in 2023

Globalization Partners support global employment that provide a wide range of services and facilities to meet global employment needs.

From this company it is not issue whether you are hiring a single employee for your company or you are working across multiple countries.

Globalization Partners services and features

These companies have a great deal of expertise and resources which will be available to make global expansion a success, including:

  • Employment and Payroll Services: If you look at the work of Globalization Partners, you will find that this company also monitors contract drafting, salary calculations as well as tax compliance related tasks. Not only this, the company’s work also includes all the employment and payroll-related functions in which they ensure that your employees are paid on time, whether they are upper or lower level employees.
  • Benefits Administration: The admin section of the company involves the task of managing employee benefits. This can be a complex task in a way, but when it comes to making profits in this, the administration is streamlined and follows the regulations of each country in the world. A wide range of benefit options are tailored to suit.
  • HR Compliance and Support: The company has also established its own Compliance and Support department to avoid legal issues and penalties where it becomes important to comply with the laws and regulations. The Company provides guidance as well as updates regarding its employment laws from time to time.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: If you look at the entire onboarding and offboarding process of a company, you will find that everything from collecting necessary documents of employees to conducting exit interviews is largely taken care of by the company.
  • Global Mobility and Immigration: Whenever a company’s employees require a work permit or visa to work abroad, they can assist in the immigration process.
  • Technology-driven Platform: Under this, you can easily track the data of your company’s employees like time and attendance. And based on that, related reports and analysis can be prepared.

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Features: How Globalization Partners different from others

Whether you’re a fledgling a startup or an established company, its comprehensive services create a one-stop solution for all your global employment needs.

Features Closest competitors  Globalization Partners
comprehensive solution
Available in 187 countries  No  Yes- The world is at your fingertips
Worldwide entity infrastructure built and staffed in-house by world-class legal, HR, and tax experts Employee data is protected with a GDPR-compliant solution  Yes- Ensure compliance by using one vetted partner
Transparent pricing and consolidated invoices Inconsistent  Yes -Streamlined communication with our local, in-house HR experts, held to a 97% customer satisfaction rating
Regional and in-country experts are available 24/7 Inconsistent  Yes -Streamlined communication with our local, in-house HR experts, held to 97% customer satisfaction rating
Help Center for you and your global team  No  Yes- Get your questions answered with fast response times
End-to-end technology platform Inconsistent  Yes- One simple, secure login, globally accessible via desktop or mobile
Automated employment contracts  No  Yes- Digitized options to make issuing offers to valuable candidates quick, compliant, and easy
Easy time and expense management via a mobile app Inconsistent  Yes- Seamless experience for global employees
 Know what to expect every month Inconsistent  Yes- No more storing data in email and spreadsheets
Add headcount anywhere in just a few clicks  No  Yes- Take control of your growth timeline and scale faster
Maintain legal ownership of intellectual property Inconsistent  Yes- Keep one of your company’s critical assets under your control with a product built by a world-class legal team
Preferred partner of major payroll providers  No  Yes -The most trusted brand in the industry
Vetted and endorsed by world-class employment lawyers and analyst firms  No  Yes- Market leader operating globally since 2012, built to scale with you
Proven financial stability  No  Yes- a $150M minority investment in January 2020 ensures a strong cash position and provides assurance your team is secure
Leading remote teams Yes Globalization partners are the best at leading remote teams

FAQ on Globalization Partners

The headquarters of Globalization Partners is located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Globalisation Partners is a privately held company and has approximately 1500+ employees.

Recently the company has valued at $4.2 billion in its world networth.

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