How to fix Amazon Firestick Not Working (2023) – A Complete Guide

Whenever you are making all the preparations to watch your favorite TV shows and now you realize that your Amazon Firestick is not working properly, that moment can be really disappointing for you.

And for that you either search on the internet “How to fix Firestick not working problem” or you want to sort out this problem by calling Firestick customer care.

Let me tell you that you do not need to go anywhere to fix this issue. With the help of this article, you will be able to fix your problem and get back to streaming content of your favorite TV shows in no time.

So let’s get started:

Most Common Issues That Keep Your Firestick from Working

It could either be that your Firestick is getting disconnected from your WiFi or it could be that it is crashing.

So through today’s article we have covered all your answers with the help of which you will be able to solve the problems you face while using your streaming device.

#1 Buffering Problems

Buffering Problems

Whenever such an issue occurs with my firestick, I also get disappointed in that situation.

Because I know that whenever you enjoy a movie night and at that time your remote does not work, then how annoying it can be to not be able to enjoy the movie night.

Unfortunately, such a situation can also arise if the speed of your internet connection is slow.

In such a situation, you should restart your modem and router and keep your Firestick close to them so that there is no interference in getting good signal.

#2 Apps Crashing or Glitching

Force Stop your app

If you feel that your Amazon Firestick is not working properly and its apps keep crashing or glitching again and again, then in such a situation, first of all you have to check your internet connection.

Not only this, you also have to ensure whether it is strong and stable or not.

If you are facing any problem in this then you have to follow the steps given below:

Settings > Apps > Manage installed apps > Select the faulty app > Force stop

After this you have to follow these steps:

Apps menu > Manage installed apps > Select an app > Clear data > Clear cache

#3 Brightness Issues

If you have increased the brightness of your TV screen too much, it becomes almost impossible to see anything, then in such a situation you may need to adjust the settings of your TV.

To correct the brightness you have to follow the steps given below:

Settings menu > Display & sound > Display > Dynamic range settings > Disable HDR

#4 Login Problems

Firestick Not Working

If you are unable to log in to the Firestick app then don’t worry, this is a common problem and can be fixed easily.

First of all you have to check your network speed by click on the link, so that it is possible that you are not able to log in due to slow internet speed.

Re-check Your Internet Connection Speed

But sometimes even if everything is fine, if the issue is coming then you will have to wait for a few hours because it is possible that the server of your app may be down.

#5 Playback Error

If you are getting playback error on your Firestick, then to stop it, you have to apply the above app Force Stop method on the Application menu and launch the app again.

Settings > Apps > Manage installed apps > Select the faulty app > Force stop

#6 Firestick Keeps Going Back to the Home Screen

If your Firestick keeps going back to the home screen mid-show, you don’t need to worry. You clear its cache files and launch it again and you will get your solution.

To clear the cache file follow these steps:

Apps menu > Manage installed apps > Select an app > Clear data > Clear cache

If that doesn’t work, you may need to unplug your Firestick and plug it back into a different HDMI port.

There may be a problem with the port you are using and due to this the current supply is not going to your Firestick.

#7 Firestick Not Working Due To Firestick Stuck on What’s New

Whenever you are enjoying your favorite TV shows and your Firestick is stuck on the “What’s New” screen, try disconnecting the plug of your Firestick from the HDMI port and connecting it to some other input.

You also have to make sure that your remote is working properly. If your remote is not working properly then you have to remove the battery of your remote and reinstall it.

#8 Remote Issues

restart your streaming device

There can be several reasons for a remote issue: If your remote communicates with your Firestick via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your connection may be the culprit.

For this you should try restarting your modem and router and you should also make sure that you are within the Bluetooth range (33 feet).

Restart your Modem

You may want to remove the battery from your remote and reinsert it as this may help resolve other issues, such as the remote blinking orange or the Firestick getting stuck while searching for your remote, etc.

If none of the above solutions are working then you have to reset your remote, and to reset the remote you have to follow the instructions given below which are as follows:

  1. First of all you have to unplug your Firestick.
  2. Now you have to carefully press and hold all three buttons at the same time for 15 seconds: Left button, Horizontal lines button and Back button.
  3. After 15 seconds you have to release all three buttons and remove the batteries from your remote.

4. Now you have to plug your Firestick back in and wait for at least 1 minute. After this you have to put the removed batteries back in your remote and press the home button.

5. After clicking the Home button, you have to wait until the blue light on your remote starts blinking.

If this does not happen then you have to again press and hold the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds.

#9 Forgetting Your TV

Check for Updates

If your Firestick keeps unpairing your TV, you might want to try plugging it into a different HDMI port and making sure the cable and power adapter aren’t damaged.

If you agree with me then you should update your application or software soon.

To update your Firestick, you have to follow the following steps:

Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates

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